Version 1.1 Update Description:
OpenGL fog was inadvertently shut off in version 1.0 which affects
the depth-cue display mode in XSI.
[Note: this is because I originally wrote the stub library to work
around crashes on an older graphics card caused OpenGL fog when
playing Half-Life and I forgot to remove this code from the new
version. :-) ]


XSI (up to version 2.0.1) does not correctly recognize OpenGL 1.3
drivers which results in slower texture performance and some stitching
artifacts when wireframes are drawn on top of shaded objects. As far
as I know NVidia is the only one shipping 1.3 drivers.

If you experience these display glitches, one solution is to downgrade
your drivers to a version certified by Softimage. Another solution is to
copy this DLL to the same directory as xsi.exe.

This is a stub library which hooks all the OpenGL calls and passes
them through to the real OpenGL with one exception. When the software
asks for the OpenGL version this library will return version 1.2 for
OpenGL versions greater than 1.2 which should fix the graphics glitches.

Disclaimer: I am a Softimage employee but this submission is not
endorsed by Softimage in any way. (i.e. I did it on my own time)
Use at your own risk. Also, once Softimage releases a patch to fix
this problem you should remember to remove this file.