Many of these files have been compressed with winzip. (It's possible that, after downloading this file, you will need to add the extension .zip to the end of the file name in order for it to work properly with your de-compression program.)

Real Jukebox XSI Skin - Created by James Rogers - Gives your Realjukebox player an XSI interface. Click here for Screenshots. If you have the Realjukebox software just download this file, unzip it and double-click on the will install automatically.

DS|AMP Winamp Skin - Created by Ariel wollinger - Make winap look like DS! If you have winamp installed just download this file, unzip it and double-click on the will install automatically.

Stardock XSI windows skin. created by Stardock and Window blinds - Download the XSI Skin here and the program to use it here.
Click here for Screenshots

SoftInTouch - a concept created by Chet Kenisell - How about a SOFTIMAGE INSTANT MESSENGER? It would include all owners of Softimage. Everybody could use the same login name that they use to login to the support section of the Softimage site.....Want to read more about it? Click here.

XSI: The Game by François Mourre - 3D From Mars -A basic game IN xsi, just for the fun. it's using the ability of moving objects during the play (channels I miss you....), so the ship can be controled (through a intermediate null) during the evaluation of the expressions (collision and scrolling). this (one day work) game use only expressions and some link-with, I dont use scripted op because coding is not playing... :)

SI|3D and SI|Xsi NeXT style Icons (1.5meg) by Hjalti P Finnsson - Website - Thank you for downloading my custom made Softimage icons. I just got bored with the default icons for xsi, 3D and particle so i decided to make my own :D Inpired by the NeXT operating system E-mail me if you want more icons, or want to exchange icons. I hope this lightens up your desktop.

SOFTIMAGE|NeXT Icon collection by Hjalti P Finnsson - Webiste - This collection of 48x48 NeXT icons will help you give your Windows a NeXTstep makeover.

SUMATRA|AMP Winamp Skin - Created by Dan Shulver - Make winap look like SUMATRA! (XSI) If you have winamp installed just download this file, unzip it and double-click on the will install automatically.

XSI Cursors - By Will Mendez - Just a little something I put together while doing test renders

Copy both files to C:\Winnt\Cursors ( or current default NT directory)
Go to Start -->RUN type Control Mouse hit enter
Select Pointer tab
Replace Normal select with XSI.CUR
Replace Working Background with XSI.ANI
Save Scheme as XSI

Hot spot for XSI cursor is the center of the logo.You can always select you
default scheme again if you wish.

XSI Smoke for I.E. and XSI FLAME for I.E.- By Softmonkey (James Rogers) - Change your IE logo to something a little more XSI!

Day Of the Tentacle - By Homam Bahnassi - DOTT (Day of The Tentacle) is a non-interactive real-time 3D cut-scene. Old-time gamers will directly remember the original Lucas ArtsC classic title [Maniac Mansion 2: Day of The Tentacle], from which the original story was taken, with some modification to showcase today's latest technologies for PC gaming. Foremost of these, is direct use of the powerful dotXSI file format, Lip Synchronization, Shape Animation...and some more; all done through XSI 1.5.

XSI Icons .- By Softmonkey (James Rogers) - Change your windows Icons to something a little more XSI!