SOFTIMAGE|3D Modeling Tutorials

Tutorial #1: SOFTIMAGE|3D and Metamesh Extreme

Wheel and Mag tutorial(English)

(This tutorial is also avaliable in French)
Create a Mag Wheel using SOFTIMAGE|3D and Metamesh Extreme

Tutorial #2: SOFTIMAGE|3D

SOFTIMAGE|3D Modeling and Animation Video(English)
By "Chinny" =) Thanks to
Chinny shows you some of the cool modeling functions in SOFTIMAGE®|3D and uses them to turn a box into a scorpion. Then he uses some other cool tools to animate it.

Tutorial #3: SOFTIMAGE|3D

Polygon Modeling (English)
by Anthony Rossano - Mesmer
A subset of Softimage’s Modeling tools, the Polygonal Modeling tools enable you to manipulate objects made of polygons, as well as individual polygons themselves. Sometimes using the Polygon Modeling tools is just the easiest way to make the objects you need for your rendered scenes, but other times Polygonal Modeling is the only way to precisely control what you get.

Tutorial #4: SOFTIMAGE|3D

VRML and Real-Time Modeling (English)
by Anthony Rossano - Mesmer
Modeling a building for Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML)

Tutorial #5: SOFTIMAGE|3D

Modeling for VRML & Real-Time (English)
by Anthony Rossano - Mesmer
Modeling for VRML & Real Time with Softimage

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