SOFTIMAGE|3D Compilations and Video Tutorials

Tutorial #1

SOFTIMAGE|3D Mesmer Tutorials (English) has a large collection of SOFTIMAGE|3D tutorials in the Mesmer distance learning section.

Tutorial #2

Adam Sale - Joncrow Entertainment Animation Tutorials(English)

A collection of Tutorials on animation in SOFTIMAGE|3D and beyond. From Adam Sales web site:
Joncrow Entertainment.

Tutorial #3

SOFTIMAGE|3D Online Manuals
By Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
SOFTIMAGEŽ|3D and mental ray manuals, online. Much easier to cary around than the printed ones.

Tutorial #4

By Thomas Steffen Noerregaard Olesen
Interactive SOFTIMAGEŽ|3D and mental ray manuals. This web page is awesome. It has a semi-functional SOFTIMAGE|3D interface. When you click on a menu command it tells you what it does. Very easy.

Tutorial #5: SOFTIMAGE|3D

SOFTIMAGE|3D Modeling and Animation Video(English)
By "Chinny" =) Thanks to
Chinny shows you some of the cool modeling functions in SOFTIMAGEŽ|3D and uses them to turn a box into a scorpion. Then he uses some other cool tools to animate it.

Tutorial #6: SOFTIMAGE|3D and mental ray

SOFTIMAGE|3D Tutorials(English)

Hosted by Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

A giant collection of SOFTIMAGE|3D tutorials.

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