From Imagica: Thank you for your interest in SpeedRender.Unfortunately, Imagica has decided to discontinue development of SpeedRender because the demand for the product does not warrant the investment necessary to continue development.However, we are pleased to announce that the latest version of SpeedRender is now available as a free download. This is a complete product and does not require Flexlm license keys.

If after installing it you get error messages then try add three lines in your %SI_LOCATION%\3D\rsrc\rayrc.
registry "{SPEEDRENDER}"
value "C:/SpeedRender/MR_Shaders"
end registry


Windows NT

        Install with the Installer (5,501K)

        Manual Install (916K)


        Manual Install s38sp2.tar (2,510K)


        Tutorial Database tutordb.tar (1,540K)

        HTML Manual manual.tar (930K)