Attention Users and Creators of Softimage, I have a new "buddy" that I'm chatting with on AOL Instant Messenger that I met here on the list. It was easy. We simply exchanged our online names and we could then chat. I'm sure you're mostly familiar with the way that it works. I had an idea that, I believe, could change the way that we can communicate. How about a SOFTIMAGE INSTANT MESSENGER. It would include all owners of Softimage. Everybody could use the same login name that they use to login to the support section of the Softimage site. It could be easily downloaded from the "download" section of the softimage site. This could be something that requires valid maintenance to download, but as soon as it's downloaded and a user uses his/her softimage profile as their online name, they can keep in whether they have valid maintenance or not. This will keep all of the "cracked" software guys off of the list.

This could be another view that's added inside of XSI. We could attatch files (including scripts, jpgs, avis, mpegs, etc.) View > Views > XSI IM Softimage Support Reps could come online throughout the day to help us through some of our issues. Big or Small. Of course, we would also be able to assist or ask other Softimage Customers/Users to try to figure out our own problems without having to bother Softimage Tech Support. I will work on an interface for the small online chat program using AOL Instant Messenger as a template, but I will use all XSI-type graphics. This should be neat. Let me know what you think of the idea. If you have anything to add, let me know, I will try to integrate some of the ideas into the graphic.

I have created the GUI for this "Softimage Instant Messenger." I have code-named it "Softimage In-Touch" What you see here is the main interface. If you guys do not like the "Browser" type look, I could design another GUI with an "Explorer" type look. The "Status" button will give you options for setting up your profile and preferences. The "People" button will allow you to Block specific users, view others' profile, send files to the selected user, etc. Let me know what you think. And if you like it, let Softimage know what you think.