Softimage Leading Zeroes Script. (WindowsNT)

Make Softimage render out images in a format compatible with most compositing packages.(Leading Zeroes) and converts it any format, supported by a standalone, with Softimage. TGA, SGI, TIF, YUV, etc....For example: Softimage renders frame 12 and calls it. image.12.pic. These scripts will automaticaly change the file to image.0012.tga or image.00.12.sgi, etc...


You will need this file ( MV.EXE) for all of the Scripts to work properly. Download, unzip and copy it into your SI_LOCATION\3D\CUSTOM\BIN. For example: C:\Softimage\SOFT3D_3.8SP2\3D\CUSTOM\BIN
This file has been compressed with winzip. (It's possible that, after downloading this file, you will need to add the extension .zip to the end of the file name in order for it to work properly with your compression program.)

You can download the script here. Leading Zeroes Script.

In order for Softimage to use the script, you need to select it from within the Post Frame section in the Render Setup dialog box.

That's it! Now Softimage can render and you won't have to manually renumber all those files.

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