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XSI Base
The only forum devoted totally to XSI.
All your XSI Base are belong to us.

The CG Talk XSI Forums
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The Softimage XSI Newsgroup
It's a strange place, but still lot's of fun.


Softimage Mailing list Archive
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XSI at the Creative Cow
Check out the Cowmunity.
One of the most "pro" and public XSI forums on the planet.

Softimage related books and videos

Resources for Softimage3D, XSI, mental ray, etc....
SOFTMAGE|XSI scripting presented by Mantom teaches the fundamentals of scripting, empowering animators to solve production related issues through creation of their own script-based tools. Emphasis is placed on interaction with XSI through the use of scripted languages such as Jscript and/or Vbscript. All students receive hands-on experience writing scripts and course notes of material presented in class.

New York XSI user group
Welcome to!

East Coast XSI user groups
Web site is dedicated to the talented and growing Softimage XSI user base, and our commitment to that community.

Los Angeles mental ray®User Group
We, the users of mental ray® in the greater Los Angeles area, are committed to supporting the usage of mental ray through varied activities in an effort to maximize the resources and quality of support in this community, in order to nurture skilled, technically savvy and committed new artists.
It is planned that this site should be evolved into 'a space of communication' of data and information for 3D animation. And hopefully, it could be a room for promoting mutual friendship between persons of the same business line.
This website is dedicated to all you technical directors and games programmers out there working with Softimage|XSI™.


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R & D by Softimage|XSI

Wir haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht den deutschsprachigen Softimage-Usern eine Community zur Verfügung zu stellen.Hier könnt ihr Euch austauschen, Kritiken einheimsen und vor allem Menschen treffen die mit Softimage arbeiten.Das Projekt befindet sich gegenwärtig im Aufbau. Wir suchen noch immer Freiwillige die Zeit und Lust haben daran mitzuwirken. Viel Spaß auf der Site ;)
Fix the wings to the animation.

A great collection of
SoftimageXSI Resources!
Tutorials, Gallery, Tips, etc...

Many Links to XSI Resources
The Truth is out There...

Stefan Andersson
XSI Tutorials and Fun Stuff!

Adam Sale

Many Many Tutorials.
Lots of cool XSI stuff from Jordi.

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China XSI User's Online Clubs

This site is in Korean only,

(Even if you can't read it, check it out.... it's got tons of cool stuff on it!)

This site is in Korean only,

This site is in Japanese only,

Korean - English

CGLAND - Korean or English
Offering information about computer graphics to artists of South Korea.

Don't speak Korean, but want to check out the site? Click here! CGLAND in ENGLISH
Motion Render Server for XSI. With MRS you can remotely create, organize and control your SOFTIMAGE|XSI and SOFTIMAGE|3D renders.

Sorry!! This page is written in Japanese only.

Dr. F TAHA is a Surgeon who likes CG.His page is dedicated to Softimage|XSI and to an unusual use of it....Medical and Surgical Purposes. .

Render Farmer
Renders Softimage and XSI scenes over a network of computers.
A great collection of
SoftimageXSI Resources
Run by Eric Poirier3d

Gnomon is an innovative training facility which stresses the importance of creativity in computer graphics.

Creative Resources

3D Festival is dedicated to celebrating the art of 3D design, animation and digital visual effects.


The CG

They provide 3D enthusiasts and professionals with current news and hard-hitting product reviews/articles in the computer graphics industry. Veru cool site!

3D Worxx
Showrooms, Contests, Behind the scenes, Tutorials, Resources.... all great stuff, all 3D.
Maya, PowerAnimator, Softimage, XSI, Jig, Renderman 3d resource community with tutorials, 3d artist gallery, scripts, tools and plugins, shaders and textures and mailing lists.

3d Render
3D Lighting and Rendering for high-end professional 3D, VFX, Animation - Softimage|XSI Tutorials, Maya NURBS Models, Rhinoceros tutorials, Global Illumination renderings.
A leading 3D resource for 3D art & 3D graphics enthusiasts. Find #1 rated info about 3D Art Programs, Models, Galleries, Schools, Jobs, Tutorials, Character Animation, Links, Mailing Lists

3D CAFE is the leading resource for 3D computer graphics & animation enthusiasts. Find information about 3D Tutorials, 3D Models, Schools, Employment

3D Artists is the largest 3d art gallery of graphic artists from around the world. Included in this gallery are tutorials, pictures and interviews of artists and the gallery itself, which is home to over 640 individual pieces of artwork.
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Animation World Network

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A Creative Planet Affiliate
5700 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(v) 323.634.3400
(f) 323 634-3500

Creative Planet
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Triangle ACM Siggraph
Research Triangle Park ACM Siggraph Organization


Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
San Antonio TX. USA
Conference 21-26 July 2002
Exhibition 23-25 July 2002


ACM Siggraph
ACM SIGGRAPH is dedicated to the generation and dissemination of information on computer graphics and interactive techniques