3d Artist Pages

Henry Schwetzke

One of my "Crazy" animator Pals.
Check his page!

Bernard Lebel

Loads of cool XSI Stuff :)

Jacob Varghese

Whee! Even more cool XSI Stuff :)


-very disfunctional

Available Light:
Art of Michael Donovan

Mike Donovan.
Cool Guy, Cool Art.

Jeff Mcfall
A site for sharing 3d tips,
utilities and a gallery.

Jeff McFall.... Great Stuff!
Check out his work!
(Where would he be with out the Atari 800?)

Tom A. Spampinato

-looking for work, please hire him... =)


Oz Adi's SITE
Friendly animator from Israel!

Torpedo Mine Graphics
Sorry!! This page is written in Japanese only.

John Gardner's SoftImage Site!

Awesome looking work.

Sorry!! This page is written in Japanese only.

Louis Dupree, Softimage 3D animator and trainer

Louis DuPree is a level 2 Softimage 3D trainer and animator.

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