Softimage|3D Default Colors Utility. (WindowsNT)

Credit for this app goes to: Mike Donovan and Knowledge Adventure

This program changes the "desktop colours" for Softimage. This way the colors of your mesh objects will not change when you close Soft and then open it again.


1st ... backup your current desktop.rsrc just in case. (Located in your Softimage RSRC folder)

Run the .exe

Select the Desktop.rsrc, change the palette.

Open soft and presto ... new default colors.

You can download the Default Colors Utility here..Default Colors Utility.
This file has been compressed with winzip. (It's possible that, after downloading this file, that you will need to add the extension .zip to the end of the file name in order for it to work properly with your compression program.)

In order to download the file, you might have to "Shift click" or right click and "save as" on the link.

This file courtesy of: Mike Donovan and Knowledge Adventure


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