Softimage "Fake Anisotropic" Database

Credit for this database goes to: Nicolai Tuma

You can download it in Zip format here: "Fake Anisotropic" Database (626K Zipped file)
Or in Tar format here: "Fake Anisotropic" Database (601K Tar file)

These files have been compressedp. (It's possible that, after downloading these files, you will need to add the extension .zip .gz or to the end of the file names in order for it to work properly with your compression program.)


The scene was made for a THX-like cinemascope trailer. It was a fly-by/fly-through of a gong with tubular bells. I removed the bells and the logo in the scene.
Basically it does the anisotropic effect by blending and translating (i.e. rotating) gradients on the disc using expressions.
All the circles and squares are needed to get some information for light and camera positions in relation to the disc-center.
Using shaders the result might look better/more realistic, but as a work-around for a lo-budget project (as this was) it serves the purpose.

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