FAQ: How to get a Job in Computer Animation.


Q. Is the directory only for America or is it relevant for people in other countries too?

A: The directory lists thousands of companies from all over the world. It does not matter of you live in the USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Canada, etc, etc...

Q: I'm a student, should I wait till graduation to buy this book or get it now.

A: You should get it now. This book has many tips on creating sample work that will help you get a job. As you work your way through school, this book will help prevent you from making mistakes and wasting your time working on projects that won't help you get a job in the long run.

Q. This book is printed on demand so why even bother with printing it? Offer it as a downloadable .pdf document and save the printing costs all together.

A: We thought about that, but the piracy issue would destroy any profits. Also, people like a book that they can carry with them. Very few people like to read books off of a screen. They could print it, but that would cost just about as much as it would to buy a copy from us. Most people told us: We've ordered PDF books before and personally they just don't do it for us.

Q: I'm wondering though.....with a quickly changing industry such as computer graphics, are you not worried about how long this book will remain relevant? Are you planning to release future editions as information becomes inaccurate?

A: This is not a problem. As the book is a "Print on demand" title, changes can easily be made to adjust for changes in the industry. In fact, since the book came out, it has been tweaked many, many times.

Q: does it cover interviews? I'm not talking basic interview ethics but rather ideal answers to specific questions. one question I always hate is the money one. I never know what to say! I want to dodge the question but not quite sure how to do so.

A: Yes it does cover more than just basic interview ethics. It has sample questions that you might be asked and sample questions that you might want to ask them. Yes, the book definitely covers the salary issue. (No one should dodge the money question.) The idea is that after reading the book you'll have more than enough information to justify your salary requirements.