About the book: How to get a Job in Computer Animation

A few of the topics covered inside:
• Making a great demo reel
• Creating reels for different countries
• Creating a targeted demo reel
• Where to send your reel
• Who to send it to
• Picking an animation school
• Choosing CG hardware and software
• How much you should get paid
• Job hunting at conventions and festivals
• Interviewing for animation jobs
• What job types are available
• Writing a résumé and cover letter
• What to do once you're hired
• How to protect your work
• How to avoid losing your job
• What to do if you lose your job
• Successful freelancing
• Recommended animation books
• A listing of hundreds of schools
• A listing of thousands of
animation and game companies

• Creating an online portfolio
• Creative job hunting tips
• Salary negotiation tactics
• Advice from industry professionals
• What to do once you're hired

From The Back Cover

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, finding work in the computer animation industry can be very difficult. This book contains insider secrets that give you the edge when hunting for a job in this amazing industry. With in-depth information on creating a good demo reel, locating jobs, writing a résumé, interview guidelines, networking, freelancing, salaries, schools, software, and hardware, you'll be on your way to your new job in no time.

Inside you’ll find everything you need to start your animation job hunt. But, don't just take our word for it. This book also contains valuable advice from industry professionals working at leading companies such as: Pixar, Industrial Light and Magic, Weta Digital, PDI, Dreamworks, Blue Sky Studios, Quiet Man, Wild Brain, Framestore-CFC, Blizzard Entertainment, Aardman, Electronic Arts, Nelvana Ltd, Axyz Animation, Alternate Route Studios, The Mill, Glassworks, Outrage-THQ, AGA Digital Studios, SOMERsault/Avenue Edit, Mainframe Entertainment, Guru Animation Studio, The Moving Picture Company, The World of Tomorrow and many more.

Have you ever wondered where your favorite game company is located? Want to know if there are any production houses where you live? Now you can have this information at your fingertips. This book includes the world's largest and most comprehensive directory of computer animation houses and video game production facilities anywhere.

Editorial Reviews

From Animation Artist.com
Do you know what it's like finding work in the computer animation field? Have you spent hours and hours researching and browsing forums for advice on what to put on your reel? Do you ever wonder what it's like to work in the industry? What about salary? Freelancing? What's the burnout rate like? You could spend hours reading and researching all these topics and still not really have all the answers. With Ed Harriss' new book How To Get A Job In Computer Animation, you don't have to worry about these things; all the answers are in front of you.
Read the entire review here.

From Taylor, Okanagan Falls, BC Canada
This is a great book written by a solid guy in the business. All the research he has provided is a big boost for people wanting to know where the opportunities are within the animation and visual effects industry. If animation is what you want to do then this is book that will give you the goods to getting the gig. I own 2 Post-Secondary 3D Animation and Multimedia schools and this will be required reading for the students.

From Brian P, Chicago, IL
This book would benefit anyone who is thinking about getting into the computer animation field. Just the list of all the production and game companies is worth the price of the book. As a graduate of a computer animation school, there were many tips and suggestions that I never learned in school and that everyone would benefit from. This is a MUST HAVE book!!!

From Siggraph 2004
This book contains just about every piece of advice you'll ever need when looking for a job in computer animation. All those little demo reel tips and tricks really saved me a lot of time and dramatically improved my chances at getting a job. The huge directory of animation companies is worth the price of the book alone. I can honestly say that this is the best thirty bucks I've ever spent. My only complaint is that I didn't find out about this book earlier.

From Dr. Rick M.
This book really tells it like it is. With so many computer animators all applying for the same job, one has to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Just because someone is a good animator does not mean that they know how to put together a great demo reel. And nowadays its not enough to have a great demo reel anyway. If you can't get it seen by the right people, then you are just wasting time.

From The Author

Who is this book for?
It is definitely targeted at beginners. Although with some of the reels I've seen sent in by "pros" lately, I think that they would be able to learn a thing or two from this book as well. One aspect of the book that will appeal to all users regardless of skill level is "The Directory". In the back of the book there is a listing of thousands of computer graphics companies located all over the world with their names and contact information. From post-production houses to video game companies, it is the largest publicly available list of its kind anywhere. Anyone looking for a job, young or old, newbie or pro, can benefit from this list.

Additionally this book is great for instructors that want to teach their students how to prepare for the real world and what to expect. Professionals that are thinking about switching careers, changing companies or have lost their job and need that edge to get another one. Anyone who thinks that they might want to get into the world of computer graphics and wants to know what it will take to get there.

This book is the definitive guide for anyone that wants to break into the computer animation industry. From video game production to film FX to TV work to visualization, you'll find everything you need to land your next (or first) computer animation job inside. In generating the content for this book, EdHarriss.com interviewed over 50 different industry professionals. To ensure that the information was valid across the majority of the computer animation industry, pros from large thousand person facilities, small two man shops and everywhere in between were interviewed.

Product Details
  • Paperback: 511 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.35 x 9.00 x 7.25
  • Publisher: EdHarriss.com
  • ISBN: 0-9743230-0-4

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