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Lots of people ( including me ) has had a huge problem with importing IGES files into Softimage|3D. But the solution is near :)

Note: Maya exports by default the file as *.iges, change the syntax to *.igs otherwise Softimage doesn't recognize it

In the model module, go to GET > DB Manager. Create a new database called IGES_DB.
That is where all your IGES scenes will be collected.

Lets try it. Go to Tools module and to Import > Objects > igesImport+. In the dialog box you get up, at the bottom you have three choices. Database, Scene/Model, Iges File.

Database: this is the place it's going to be saved.

Scene/Model: this is what you will call your scene in the database.

Iges File: the file you want to import

So find your IGES file, name the Scene/Model myigesmodel.dsc
Then press OK. Now go to model module and do Get > Scene. Locate the IGES_DB database and then find your scene myigesmodel. VIOLA! your IGES file is now in your scene.

You can change the database to the name of the database you are working with at the moment. But remember that you will not see your model until you do Get > Scene and find the iges scene.

Mostly people think that they will see the file that they imported (which actually make sense.. avid?? ) and therefor doesn't think that it works... but it's there... hidden in the database :)

best of luck!

/stefan andersson